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Basically, a Best Free Antivirus software is the most essential part of Windows and significant for every Windows PC nowadays since the cyber threat is continuously evolving day by day.
As without an Antivirus, you have a risk of losing your personal information, like your files, the cash from your bank account, ransom, and much more.
From the above topic, you might have guessed that today we are discussing the best free antivirus software 2021 for windows.
So, let’s know first what antivirus is, why it is so essential and what its functions.
Thus we have picked the top 10 best antivirus protection tools for your computer.
As we all know very well that every Windows system requires the best Free antivirus software, still if it’s free.
Thus the Windows Defender security software is generally developed by Microsoft that comes pre-installed with Windows 10 and the most interesting thing about this security tool is, it is really quite good.
But still it can’t completely match the features and security of the most significant third-party paid security tools or free antivirus software for PC.
As per the information that we have got after searching the web properly that nowadays, the thriving ransomware attacks occur within every 14 seconds.
While other research reveals that the average data breach costs organizations more than $3.8 million.
Hence in this type of situation, it is unlikely impossible to run a successful and productive business long-term or using the internet securely without any paid or free antivirus software. 
But the main thing is that everyone does not has the budget to compensate for costly antivirus programs.
so several people focus on free solutions and clarification only. Well, through this post, we will show you the 10 best free antivirus software 2020 for Windows.
Now you must be thinking that if these antiviruses are free, then will they be helpful or not? If you are worried about this, then don’t worry, though they are free, but, the fact is that all these tools are incredibly useful in protecting against most cyber attacks.
We all know very well that downloading paid or free antivirus software programs is nowadays has become quite essential, just like you are taking any decision to acquire any desktop or laptop computer.
As the power of threats on the web nowadays is really ubiquitous internet security issues.
Hence, an antivirus program is one of the best solutions to take the proper measures to avoid and minimize all these threats. 
Basically, there are several levels of protection are available for computers and they really depend on the best free Antivirus program offered by one of the many vendors.
However, there are some common benefits that all antivirus programs offer and they are:-
Undoubtedly, it’s the biggest and most obvious advantage of having antivirus software on your PC.
Moreover, viruses are generally classified by the rigors from harmless to total wickedness in the system.
And the most important thing is that a virus can not only destroy all the valuable data present on your PC but, it can also make it completely useless by infecting and destroying all the essential processes that are really important for the proper functioning of a computer or PC.
Generally, we all know very well that hackers or attackers simply release viruses to loot users, and not only that even they spread very rapidly as well.
Hence, to mitigate these types of situations, a good antivirus program is a must and essential for protection while surfing the internet.
Along with that it also helps us to prevent hackers from accessing personal things like credit card information, access to bank accounts, passwords, and much more. 
Moreover, the firewall feature generally comes pre-inbuilt in most Free antivirus software or tools, that helps us to block all the unauthorized incoming connection.
Hence, it prevents malicious hackers from putting their hands on your personal data and PC.
Generally, a computer that is open to viruses and hackers usually shows early signs of use and significantly lower the speed of your computer or PC, which simply makes the normal computing tasks much slower and it really irritating.
Yes, it means you would have to spend your crucial time finding the virus, then erase it and then you have to restore if it has made any damage.
While if you have an appropriate free antivirus software activated on your PC, then you will simply receive a notification that will show you that a virus has been detected and will ask you if you want to delete it or not.
Basically, all these notifications usually appear as soon as the virus is detected by the antivirus software that you have installed on your PC, and once it detects any malicious activity or file, it simply stops it to cause any damage to your PC.
Now the question arises that why antivirus is needed. Thus we have mentioned above that an antivirus helps your PC from different attacks and keep your files, data, and folders safe.
Generally, an antivirus does different work to protect your computer, like:-
So, now without wasting much time let’s get started and simply explore the list that we have mentioned below, where we have clearly discussed all the different free antivirus software 2020 available for the Windows and their features.
Note: The list is just a compilation and is not based on any preference.
This antivirus is for those users who only just want antivirus protection and not a full security suite.
Hence, for those users, Kaspersky is one of the best and well-known Free antivirus software for them.
Kaspersky is a stripped-back protection package that concentrates on the core security essentials.
Thus, its web filtering blocks unsafe URLs, an authentic engine identifies and eliminates the threats, smart monitoring technologie s track, and invert malicious actions.
Hence, we have found that Kaspersky is one of the best at blocking malware and extracting it from an infected system.
Moreover, it’s one of the top anti-virus tools that always got high marks at sites like AV-Comparatives .
Thus this tool is straightforward to use because it provides plenty of on-screen directions to demonstrate how everything works. 
Next, we will discuss another best paid come free antivirus software, the Trend micro maximum security, and it has the most reliable reputation for powerful antivirus prevention, with expertise in spam and ransomware , hence it is easy to use.
Moreover, the major antivirus labs has provided it high marks in their testing sets.
Furthermore, Trend Micro Maximum Security runs slower and needs more resources than some other products.
Therefore it makes this a less favored choice for an older system.
However, the AV-Comparatives states that it provides a high number of false positives, which could be real trouble.
Moreover, the AV-Test reports high levels of efficiency and no issues with false positives at all.
The protection level of Trend Micro Maximum Security is quite similar to the Bitdefender.
Hence the false positives are only marginally higher. Moreover, the system itself doesn’t slow down our system noticeably more than anything else.
However, if you are unconcerned about its high levels of exposure and attractive bonus features, then Trend Micro Maximum Security is a good choice.
Except this combination of factors perfectly fits your needs, you’re better off holding with the less expensive McAfee AntiVirus Plus.
Moreover, after performing internet searches exploring search engines like Google or Yahoo, McAfee set an icon next to the effects so we could see which sites were safe to visit and which is unsafe.
Also, in Microsoft Edge, which doesn’t typically run well beside internet security programs, McAfee did an excellent job blocking sites, holding search results, and preventing malicious downloads.
At first, we will discuss the Bitdefender antivirus Plus 2021, as it’s one of the top antiviruses available on the internet, that possess over 500 million users and offers a full-featured package.
Thus it’s completed all tests successfully from AV-Test to AV-Comparatives, and not only that even the Bitdefender antivirus results score high ratings in every test.
Its primary function is to protect and remediate, privacy tools, VPN, Safepay.
Thus Bitdefender manages to be truthful and authentic in its virus detecting, swelling web filtering to block access to wicked sites.
Moreover, its secure browser simply holds your online banking and shopping activities safe.
While there’s a password manager as well that auto-completes the credit card particulars in web forms.
Apart from all these things, it also scores high for its outstanding anti-phishing module, which informs you about the ill-disposed links in your search engine results and prevents access to dangerous sites.
Next, we will discuss Norton Antivirus Plus, it is one of the oldest and also available with free antivirus software version presents on the internet, and not only that even it also has a very easy-to-use user interface, and this security tool is highly-rated.
Thus this antivirus constitutes a full-blown firewall, hosted online backup, and spam filtering feature.
So, the current edition adds online banking security, script control, Wi-Fi security , and many more.
As it’s efficient free antivirus software, that’s why it offers you full tech support,.
But in case if Norton can’t kill a malware infestation even after you comprehend all the recommended steps, then a specialist will have log into your computer remotely and fix the problem.
Moreover, Norton AntiVirus Plus offers some customization options to manage the settings.
Therefore we really like the URL blocker that can defend from even obtaining the malware by defending users by blocking visits to known websites.
Hence, this antivirus program or tool is ever observant and runs continuously, with scanning, additionally available on demand.
Next, we will discuss the McAfee Internet security, basically, this application has a good number of valuable features in its standalone antivirus product.
Well in this year’s edition it has added ransomware protection and a PC speed booster.
Now you may think there’s not much left to add to specify its security suite.
Admittedly, while the added features in McAfee Internet Security are welcome additions, they don’t add content for everyone. 
Thus the Password management is a worldly need, but McAfee’s contribution isn’t one of our top choices.
Not every user needs parental control or spam filtering. And these elements haven’t significantly improved or emerged since last year.
Now, we will discuss the Panda dome essential antivirus, basically, Panda doesn’t play a role in every lab test whose results we use, so its malware security is a bit of complicated.
However, it doesn’t mean that it is unsafe, as there are many users who liked Panda Free Antivirus‘s high degree of customization choices and its appealing interface.
But there are some users who really didn’t like the regular ads for other Panda products, the efforts to hijack your web browser , and the point that unlike every other antivirus company, Panda won’t let you opt-out of the automatic system-data compilation.
However, Various security companies populate their output lines with a common pattern. 
They begin with an uncomplicated antivirus, add features to create it out into a security suite, and store on even more features to build a mega security-suite.
Basically, this antivirus has “Antivirus” in its name with an efficient Security Suite.
However, apart from all these things, the fact is that Panda has been moving away from that model for some time.
Hence, the current product line has some variations on the theme of Panda Dome.
Therefore, the Panda Dome Essential controls the antivirus spot in the Panda pantheon, not only this, even the app’s user interface is exceptionally polished and handy to use.
Now we have the F-secure antivirus SAFE, and it is an award-winning internet protection suite that has gained the AV‑TEST Best Protection award of 2018.
Thus SAFE shields you from viruses like trojans and ransomware. Moreover, it also guards your online banking connection and transactions; and not only that even you can also set limits for internet practice, especially for children.
You and your family can use it safely both on desktop and mobile. 
Thus the packages typically receive maximum marks for security from AV-Test and generally score highly with AV-Comparatives.
People also say it can produce significantly more false positives than most of the competition.
But how that influences you will simply vary and depending on how you use your computer.
However, the interface is a major benefit, as it’s remarkably easy to use, lightweight, moreover, you can also leave the app to work alone viewing after your PC.
This application has a minimum effect on your system execution, and if you do want to arbitrate, then you can solve any issues in a couple of clicks.
ESET Antivirus appears with real-time malware protection, some of the best detection around, as it offers anti-ransomware layer, general protection, URL filtering to obstruct ill-disposed websites, and modules to block strikes using PowerShell and ill-disposed scripts.
Hence, a device control module narrows the risk of harm from other devices by regulating access to USB sticks and its external hard drives, optical storage media, also devices joining by Bluetooth and FireWire. 
Now if we talk about the UI (user interface) of ESET then let me clarify that it is cumbersome, even sometimes some features are very advanced, and at that point, even the Help isn’t always helpful, therefore it will not be handy for the beginners.
However, qualified users will enjoy ESET’s power and reconfigurability, thus the Above-average protection does an excellent job of holding you safe, and lightweight design guarantees the package won’t slow you down.
Moreover, one of the current features in the latest update is the UEFI Scanner, which shields you from different threats that attack your PC before Windows has also started.
Next, we will discuss the Comodo windows antivirus, this antivirus is a more complex setup that makes this solution better fitted for a specialist user, rather than a beginner.
The main thing is that once this application is installed, it is very useful and efficient at virus exposure, and then holds them wholly detached with a feature called Auto Sandbox Technology.
Not only this, there is an additional feature that is the cloud-based antivirus scanning that can expose the latest viruses from all over the internet.
Thus it does not rely on local virus names being up to date. Moreover, Gamers will also enjoy using the software’s Game Mode, which makes assured that antivirus software alerts do not obstruct while playing video games on your PC.
Lastly, we will discuss the Avast antivirus, this is one of the well-known and free Antivirus tool which is a pin down from the top.
However, it’s got the best collection of extra good features for a free antivirus application, counting a password manager, a tough browser, and a network scanner.
This application is also highly customizable and allows limited access to Avast’s VPN assistance.
However, it generated a pretty hefty system load in our testing.
While apart from all these things Avast now has more extra data to work with, and it also has its expanded active userbase as well.
Thus the most modern edition of Avast Free Antivirus adds an automated gaming mode to inarticulate popups and decrease the system load when you are hurling up a processor-hungry game, which is very handy surely.
While now if we talk about the UI, then let me clarify that the user interface is really clean and new overall.
Moreover, there’s a password manager, too, which is an amazingly good addition to your security profile.
It is one of the most comprehensive security suites with a powerful virus security engine, and not only this, even Avast is a lightweight application that can never expose the functioning of your system or brake down your computer.
Well, through this article, we have tried our best to mention the top 10 Free Antivirus Software of 2021 for windows.
Hence, this is a situation where Free Antivirus Software programs are really essential, so, that it can help you out.
However, the fact is that you still have to be careful and determine the most effective solution for your business or private use.
However, all the Free Antivirus Software that we have mentioned above are all very effective and powerful.
So, we hope that you liked this post, and it must have been useful to you, so, if you really liked this post, then do not forget to share this post with your friends, family and on your social profiles.
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